The Real Scoop: Cuba

Havana, Cuba

The Real Scoop: Cuba Because we field a number of questions regarding whether US Citizens can travel to Cuba we thought we’d lend a little clarification. In 2014, an executive order loosened the restrictions on traveling to Cuba. This order made it legal for Americans to travel to Cuba without having to go on an escorted […]

Happy Client Travel Diaries: A Tale of 4 Cities

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Author: Hali Wallach A little bit about me to give you a perspective of where these reviews are coming from:Proud Native New Yorker – I was born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living in Manhattan…the COOLEST city in the world.  New York is a walking city and I stay extremely active on a daily basis between catching […]

Dreaming of a Villa in Tuscany?

Tuscany, Italy

At the National Gallery of Art you will find a painting of the idyllic valley of la Paiola, by Camille Corot, titled “A view from Volterra”. But why not enjoy this amazing view in person? If you’re dreaming of a Villa in Tuscany, we know a lovely 12th-century farmhouse built on the pre-Roman ruins of an Etruscan villa that sits in a valley above 70 acres of olive groves with its own burbling stream. [,,,]

The Real Scoop: The Barcelo Maya Palace, Mexico

Barcelo Maya Place: Mexico

One of the biggest benefits of using a travel agent is industry-insider knowledge including knowing the real scoop on resorts and hotels in the hottest destinations. Armed with this information, and often first-hand experience at these properties through educational trips, a travel agent is able to make recommendations about […]

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand beach

Looking for a unique beach vacation that is both exotic and captivating? Consider Koh Samui, Thailand. ​Also known as Samui Island, Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand and appeals to both luxury and budget travelers. This archipelago of 42 islands with dense forests, white sand beaches, limestone mountains, and waterfalls is quickly becoming Thailand’s preeminent […]

Tokyo, Japan

Toyko, Japan

Last week we discussed traveling to Washington, DC in the spring and taking in the beautiful cherry blossoms. But Japan is one of the best places in the world to see cherry blossoms in April. In Tokyo and Kyoto there are literally millions of cherry trees. If you visit Tokyo in late March or early April you will generally [;…]

Washington, DC

As a DC native I admit to some bias, still, Washington, DC gets my vote for best destinations to visit, especially from March to May. June, September and October are also very good times to make the trip but spring is personally my favorite season. DC is a gorgeous city in the spring time and, it’s not just about the tidal basin […]


Jamaica beaches

March is a wonderful month to travel to Jamaica and explore this island’s captivating culture and history. But then again, anytime from November to April is amazing. May through October is the rainy season and hurricane season starts in June so if budget is an issue then you may find your best deals during this […]


In Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, you will find a wonderful juxtaposition of past and present. This city is an exquisite mélange of modern urban chaos, rural tradition, ancient relics, extraordinary monuments, and world class museums. The Greater Cairo area is home to nearly 17 million people and is the largest metropolitan area in the Middle East. […]


Melbourne, Australia

Although the city has a reputation for its changeable weather, March is an excellent time to explore the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. In March, the scorching Australian summer fades into the background giving way to beautifully mild evenings, perfect for strolling along the South bank of the Yarra River. While Victoria is Audtralia’s biggest continental state […]