Are Passports Required for Cruises?

Are Passports Required for Cruises? Navigating Cruise Travel Documentation: A Comprehensive Guide Hello, cruise enthusiasts! As we embark on another voyage into the world of travel preparation, let’s dive deeper into a topic that’s crucial for smooth sailing: travel documentation. In the era of post-Covid travel, the question “are passports required for cruises” has taken […]

Jamaica Airports’ New Entry Innovations

Jamaica Airports’ New Entry Innovations Jamaica airports’ new entry innovations bring added convenience to travelers. These advancements ensure a simplified arrival. Explore the latest changes at Jamaica’s airports in this article. Key features include automated passport kiosks and digital entry forms. These improvements offer a smoother journey start, ideal for first-time and returning visitors alike. […]

Traveling to Jamaica

If you have a trip to Jamaica on the horizon, we hope that you are excited to explore this amazing destination. Here are a few tips for improving safety and health outcomes while traveling in Jamaica.

What to Wear for your Trip to Dubai

Wondering what to wear for your trip to Dubai?

Many of my clients already know what I’m about to say…. It depends.

It depends on when you’re going and what you’re going to be doing when you get there.

The Traveler’s Guide to Cyber Security

To see the warning “this connection is unsecured and others may see your information” is almost a staple of the travel experience. The risk applies to anything you type into your keyboard while connected, such as email passwords and website logins.

Traveling to Europe with Kids: Tips for a fun and stress free journey

Travelling with kids: Europe

Traveling to Europe with Kids: Tips for a fun and stress-free journey Author: Stacey Goodale Family Travel Specialist Taking your children on their first overseas trip to Europe may seem like a challenge, but with a little planning, you and your family can have a wonderful experience. Passports: Make time to apply for your child’s […]

The Real Scoop: Cuba

Havana, Cuba

The Real Scoop: Cuba Because we field a number of questions regarding whether US Citizens can travel to Cuba we thought we’d lend a little clarification. In 2014, an executive order loosened the restrictions on traveling to Cuba. This order made it legal for Americans to travel to Cuba without having to go on an escorted […]

Barcelona Spain Assails Unlicensed Apartment Rentals

Barcelona Spain Assails Unlicensed Apartment Rentals Barcelona is an amazing and vibrant city that is definitely worth adding to your wanderlist! Its architecture spans over 2000 years and includes its renowned modernist buildings inspired by Antoni Gaudi. This fantastic architecture, combined with the charm of the city’s trendy restaurants, narrow winding pedestrian streets, and the […]

The Real Scoop: Caribbean Island Recovery

Carribean islands

The Real Scoop: Caribbean Island Recovery Caribbean Islands Open for Business! The Caribbean is a vast sea filled with more than 7,000 idyllic, sun-drenched islands. While recent hurricanes have damaged a few islands, a full 70 percent of Caribbean destinations were not impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria and are open for business as usual. […]