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Although many of the beautiful islands found off the coasts of North America have a shared history, each island is quite unique. Populated since before 6000 BC the indigenous populations of the Caribbean were decimated by European colonization and on many islands replaced by enslaved Africans. Thus, contemporary culture on most Caribbean Islands became a sort of mélange of African and European traditions with some additional influences from other populations that later emigrated to the Islands. A uniquely Caribbean culture emerged from these influences to bring us Zouk, Reggae, Rumba, Calypso and Meringue music. Caribbean art, traditions and cuisine also emerged as a distinctive blend of influences. 

Some of the Islands are completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, but the majority have shores touched by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. And a few islands, like the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos, are completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and thus not technically Caribbean Islands at all. Though, such distinctions can often be lost on those most interested in fun in the sun.

Places To Go

Boardwalk to clear blue sea and sky Providenciales Turks and Caicos

Turks & Caicos

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and clearest waters in the Caribbean as well as the third largest coral reef in the world, Turks and Caicos draws in beach and water lovers from across the globe.

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St Lucia

With its lovely bays, stunning beaches, the iconic Pitons and other forest draped mountains, St. Lucia has become a preferred destination for honeymooners and other couples.

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In addition to the amazing beaches visitors can explore lush unspoiled rainforests, beautiful mountains, waterfalls and aromatic spice farms.

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Curacao will appeal to culture seekers and beach lovers alike. Alive with history and interesting stories travelers can stroll and explore Curacaos ancient neighborhoods.

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From Hope Town’s gardens bristling with bougainvillea to the pink sand beaches and colonial houses of Harbour Island the Bahamas is much more diverse than most travelers realize.

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The sparkling white sand of Aruba, beckons travelers to decompress and delight in the daily breeze of the trade winds.

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Jamaica: Montego bay


Jamaica is a destination so dynamic and multifaceted that you could make hundreds of visits and have a unique experience every single time.

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