Vanessa & Vincent: Our Story

The Beginning

It was October 2018, Maryland’s Homecoming game against Rutgers. Vanessa traveled down to Maryland from New York to celebrate her line sister’s birthday and decided to attend homecoming before the celebration. First stop was the LTA’s tailgate.  Vincent was making his rounds at the tailgate and that’s when they meet. They chatted for some time, but like any good tailgate the party must continue.

Fast forward a year later, Vanessa was traveling through Ireland and popped up on Vincent’s Facebook feed. So he did what any millennial would do…. He slid into the DMs.

Vanessa's homecoming 2018
Her Homecoming 2018
Vincent's homecoming 2018
His Homecoming 2018


Vanessa and Vincent facetime call
Covid Dating Scene


Soon after, Vanessa had plans to be in DC for a girl’s night with her 2 BFFs.  It happened to also be Vincent’s birthday. That’s when they officially had their first date-a weekend filled with a romantic dinner, magic show, and a new beginning for both of them.

A few more dates later and COVID strikes. Vanessa quarantined in New York and Vincent in Maryland. Throughout the next few months, FaceTime dates filled with Netflix and Club Quarantine became the new norm. At the end of summer, they made the decision to take the relationship to the next step and move in together.  After almost 10 years in New York, Vanessa was going to leave her city life behind to embark this new chapter.


Vanessa and Vincent proposal- "he put a ring on it"
Proposal Day

The Proposal

Vincent had planned this day for several months.  Every detail is meticulously thought out.  It was a crazy week for the two of them and a lot to celebrate.  They had just closed and moved into their new home.  Vincent had also celebrated a milestone birthday.  So this dinner was meant to be an intimate celebration– well that’s what Vanessa thought.

They arrive at the restaurant where they had their first date 2 years prior, Eddie V’s.   As they walk off the elevator (family hidden behind another elevator bank), a photographer stops the couple to ask to take promotional pictures for the restaurant.  It was at that moment, Vincent got on one knee and in front of their immediate family he asked Vanessa to spend the rest of their lives together.  She said yes and was surprised to see their family quietly hiding behind the two of them.

The Future

Vincent and Vanessa are excited to have you join them in the next chapter of their story…

The Wedding!!!!

Viva Las Mexico!!!! 

and We Out.

Vanessa and Vincent on the beach
Viva Las Mexico