Do You Need a Visa to Go There?

If, like me, you geek out about great new resources you’re going to love this new online tool that answers the title question: Do you need a visa to go there?  

American Passport

Actually, for all those questions that we explorers have about visa requirements when traveling from country to country, or with foreign travel companions, we can now consult Passport Index an awesome online resource. 

Let’s face it, Visa regulations are not always straightforward and every individual’s situation can be different and sometimes confusing. Passport Index tools can assist you in understanding what type of visa preparation you’ll need to embark upon in order to minimize your travel surprises.

Passport Index’s “Compare table” is hands down one of the handiest tools on the site. Site visitors can enter their passports and get the visa regulations for every country in the world.

With this tool you can quickly determine whether you can purchase a visa electronically or upon arrival, or whether you even need a visa at all.

That makes this tool is especially helpful if you’re developing your travel wishlist based on where you can go without a visa. 

If you have dual citizenship and want to know which passport is better to use, you can enter multiple passports.

This feature is helpful too if you’re managing a group of travelers with multiple citizenships.

And, a neat bonus for all of us curious explorers intent on seeing the world, Passport Index also has a tool that will show you what the passports from every country look like.