Thompson Family Homecoming (June-July 2023)

Join the family in Barbados to reconnect with history and one another

June 30- July 7, 2023

Learn and grow with the family as we connect and explore our Barbados.



All of us are connected by the union of James Thompson and Malvina Greenidge. Each of us has a grandparent or great-grandparent that was one of their 13 children. As we reconnect with James and Malvina, we want to also ensure that we know their history and share our history with future generations.

This homecoming has been a year in the making. This is our Sankofa moment. This is our time to connect with the past and become reconnected with each other as we move into the future. This week-long celebration will provide us with opportunities to learn and grow as a family as well as discover how our shared foundation has influenced who we, collectively and individually, are today.

The agenda has been designed with chances for us to connect but also explore our Barbados. For some, this may be your first time in Barbados. For others, there have been some years in between.


Regardless of the circumstances –
Welcome Home.


Important Information