Professional Services


Our travel specialists are pleased to use their considerable expertise and often conduct extensive research and negotiations to ensure you are getting the best value for your requirements. This is a non-refundable service.



Our Sponsored Group Trips


By registering and signing up for any vacation planned and/or sponsored by DC Explorers LLC authorized to do business as Enlighten Excursions (hereinafter “ENLIGHTEN”), the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

ENLIGHTEN and or their agents act only in the manner of providing services and cannot accept responsibility in whole or part for the following:

ENLIGHTEN shall be responsible to the passenger for supplying services and accommodations described in this “online” brochure, except where such services cannot be supplied or the itinerary used is changed due to delays or other causes of whatever kind or nature beyond the control of ENLIGHTEN, their operators or agents. In such circumstances the operators will do their best to supply comparable services, accommodations, and itineraries and there shall be no refund under this condition.

In the absence of their own negligence, neither the operators nor their agents, or co-operating organizations shall be responsible for any cancellations or for any acts of any other service provider, diversions or substitution of equipment, of any act variations, postponements, omission or default whatsoever by any air carriers, land carriers, hoteliers, hotels, transportation companies, or any other persons providing services and accommodations to passengers including any results thereof, such as changes in services, accommodations, or facilities necessitated by the same.



Custom Travel Services


When Enlighten Excursions makes arrangements for your flight, hotel, car rental, tour, cruise, or other travel arrangements, these suppliers’ refund policies, cancellation policies and terms and conditions shall apply. In addition, all voluntary cancellations are subject to a $150 cancellation fee per traveler which will be due and payable to Enlighten Excursions in addition to any supplier cancellation fees. This $150 fee is due up front to Enlighten Excursions in order for the agency to initiate processing your cancellations with the relevant suppliers for your trip.  Cancellation requests should be submitted in writing via email to