Proposing on Vacation

We’ve all seen the romantic Facebook and Instagram posts of men and women proposing on vacation. While marriage proposals in exotic destinations as viewed on social media seem simple and flawless, there is much more planning involved than kneeling to pop the question.  So, if you’re considering whether proposing on vacation is right for you, here are some questions and factors to consider.

Marriage proposal on vacation in paris

Should You Propose on Vacation?

If you enjoy traveling with your partner, then opting to propose on vacation could be a romantic, exotic and extraordinary experience. But it’s important, however, to know you partner’s travel style. There are already enough variables to a vacation proposal that you won’t want to add the mystery of how your significant other (SO) travels to the list. So, to be quite clear, I don’t recommend that you propose on your very first joint vacation.

Do you and your SO both love travel or does your SO travel to please you? Does your SO need downtime after flying? Or do they need action on the very first day to keep from crashing? Do they enjoy people watching when traveling? Do new things make them nervous or happy? Understanding such things can help you discover whether a vacation proposal is right for you.

Destinations for Proposing on Vacation

If the answer is yes, you both love to travel, yes you know your partner’s travel style, then the next question is where should you go to propose on vacation?

We recommend selecting some place new that you’re fairly sure your SO will enjoy. While you should take clues from your past travels, we don’t recommend going back to an exact place that you’ve been before. It is almost impossible to recreate the exact magical experience that you had in the past in a particular place. But you can definitely use the memory of that special moment to create a new more extraordinary moment.

For example, if you and your SO have fond memories of an amazing all-inclusive resort vacation in the Dominican Republic, then step it up a notch. Perhaps this time choose a Jamaican Luxury All-Inclusive resort with an amazing room that comes with butler service and an awe-inspiring view.

Or, if your awesome memory was a nature hike in Costa Rica, then perhaps rev it all the way up to a safari experience in South Africa.

In addition to the destination please also consider the venue for the proposal. Remember here that it’s all about your SO. (Well… it’s mostly about them anyway.) How would your SO respond to getting up early to watch the sunrise? Are they afraid of heights? Do they get motion sickness? Do they tend to get tired before or after a meal? Answering each of these questions could be critical to the perfect surprise proposal.

It’s also important to consider whether your SO would prefer a secluded private proposal, or if they would be excited and impressed by a grand gesture in a public space.

Keep in mind too that there are some places in the world where public displays of affection are frowned upon and even illegal. And unfortunately, there are some places in the world that are still not safe for same sex couples. These things must be considered.

Of course, these are only the travel-related practical considerations. In terms of proposing with creativity and pizazz you might invest in a copy of Samantha Evans’ book “How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: 25 Of The Best And Most Creative Ways To Pop The Question”.

When Should You Propose?

Almost everyone counsels that you propose as soon as possible so that the proposal colors your whole vacation. But me, I’m a fan of waiting. On a five to seven-day vacation, day three seems to be about the right time. That proposal is still going to romantically color every single day of your vacation before and after the proposal. And as a bonus, you’ve had time to recover from travel and get settled into a routine of exploring and discovering. Also, it contributes to the surprise element. And it still gives you ample time to execute a plan B if your plan A venue doesn’t work out. Always, always have a plan B.  

And of course, be very careful about where you hide that ring in the meantime.  In fact, depending on the value of the ring, you may want to consider bringing the receipt and appraisal certificate in case something happens to it or you are questioned at customs. And better yet, think about leaving the real thing at home and presenting a stand-in for that big moment.

Proposing on Vacation: Summing it Up

Proposing on vacation can be the perfect choice for a lot of couples, but not all.

If you both enjoy trying new things and traveling together then that’s a good sign that a vacation proposal is right for you. Of course, anytime you travel together is bound to be exciting. But proposing on vacation in a new destination where you experience new things together can symbolize the new path you’ll be traveling together forever.

If you want to go the extra mile to try to make sure your plan is executed with extraordinary care, reach out to a romance travel specialist at Enlighten Excursions.