Bay of Kotor, Kotor, Montenegro

In the heart of the Mediterranean in Southern Europe you will find beautiful Montenegro where you can scale a mountain in the morning, cruise a lake in the afternoon, and enjoy a beach sunset in the evening.

Just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Montenegro borders Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina to the west. Serbia lies to the North of Montenegro and you’ll find Kosovo and Albania to the southeast. Here you’ll find featuring over 115 beaches and 5 national parks where you can explore miles of coastline, rugged mountains, deep canyons, limestone peaks, and glacial lakes. In addition, coastal churches, medieval villages and fortified towns where walls, ruins, and museums illuminate the complex heritage, history and culture of the area.

About the size of Connecticut with the population of Nevada Montenegro is great to visit in any season.  A popular destination for a variety of activities from skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking, horseback riding, paragliding, diving, kite surfing, to souvenir shopping, scenic drives, rafting, kayaking, wine, cheese and honey tasting and so much more.

Things to do

  • Explore Podgorica
  • Visit the locals in the village of Njegusi to learn about Montenegrin History
  • Tour Budva by boat, meet locals, taste homemade traditional wine & food
  • Walking Tour of Kotor with boatride to Perast
  • Stone Villas overlooking the beach on Sveti Stefan Island

Best Resorts

  • Regent Porto Montenegro
  • Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro
  • Hotel Hippocampus
  • Aman Sveti Stefan

Featured Cities

Map of Montenegro

One of the most popular destinations in Montenegro, Budva has much to offer. This city is known for its nightlife, beaches, and history.

Budva is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast and has very well preserved history. The Old Town displays the Medieval walls that were once constructed to protect the city.

Just south of Budva is the luxury island resort of Sveti Stefan. Composed of picturesque cottages, the resort is a beautiful sight to see from boat or the coast, or to experience the gorgeous beach view from inside the resort.

This coastal city provides a perfect opportunity for exploration or relaxion by boat. Visitors can take a boat tour around Budva, tasting wines and local foods along the way.

Well known for it’s nightlife, Budva has a scene to suit any mood. For a laid back evening, visitors can stroll from bar to bar in the picturesque Old Town or have cocktails on the beach from sunset through the night. For a more high-energy night, travers come from all over for beach parties and the club scene up the hill, a short drive from the city. Travelers seeking culture can visit Casper Bar, a well known jazz bar, and in the summer months go to Budva’s Theater City located in different locations all over town.

Translated into “area below the little hill,” Podgorica is the largest city in Montenegro, as well as the capital.

This city has much to explore, and exploration is made easy by the scenic pedestrian paths through the city. The most notable of these is a riverside path that will take visitors along the Ribinica River and by must-see sights of the city, such as the ancient Ribinica Bridge.

For food lovers, Podgorica has a bustling café and food culture. Food here is inexpensive and the city is filled with eateries and stands selling delicious local foods to try.

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ was constructed with intricately carved marble and stone that can be seen from the outside. Inside, intricate and sometimes provocative murals adorn the walls.

After a day of sightseeing, visitors can experience the city’s inexpensive and energetic nightlife. An array of discos, pubs, and clubs open well through the night ensures there is a fit for everyone in the city’s night scene.

Located on the coast of Montenegro, this town is a picturesque gem that dated back to Roman times. The Old Town of Kotor and it’s Venetian-era fortifications are a UNESCO world heritage site.

The ancient walls of the city are a must-see for any history buff, as well as the Venetian architecture in the Old Town.

Visitors can wander the Old Town on foot alone, or take a walking tour of the area. Notable sights to see in the Old Town include St. Johns Fortress, Napoleon’s Theater, Pima Palace, and St. Tryphon’s Cathedral.

From Kotor, visitors can take a boat ride to the nearby town of Perast, located in the bay of Kotor for waterside dining, swimming, and sightseeing.

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