Is a Destination Wedding Appropriate for You?

Is a Destination Wedding appropriate for you? The answer is perhaps. It depends.

Our opinion is that your wedding should be done your way. If you want a destination wedding then that’s exactly what you should do.  Destination weddings can be cost effective and stress free. They are especially perfect for second marriages. Whether it’s you and the whole gang, just the two of you, or a just a handful of close friends and family, you get to decide.

Worried about what others think or how they will feel about being excluded? Communication is the key.  It’s important to have a plan before you announce your intentions. And, remember, when you return you can always have a party to celebrate with those special folks at home.

Destination Wedding on a beach

Many couples ask whether they have to pay for their guests to attend. No, you don’t have to pay for the guests you invite, although some couples do.  If you don’t intend to pay, be sure to clarify which costs are included in your guests’ package. If you don’t intend to foot the bill and you’re concerned your guests can’t afford to come, or would spend money they don’t have, put the invitation out there, but be sure to tell them you’ll understand if they can’t make it. Emphasize that there will be a celebration when you return. This way there are fewer hurt feelings.

You should absolutely work with a travel agent to ensure that you obtain group discounts for yourself and your guests. This will make the experience more affordable and increase the chances your friends and loved ones can attend, if you’d like.

Depending on your planning window, a travel advisor may also be able to arrange a payment schedule for accommodations and activities for you and your guests.

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

To start planning your destination wedding today, contact a Certified Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist at Enlighten Excursions.