How to Plan a Surprise Romantic Vacation

I was barely one year out of college and working as an interpreter at a Travel Emergency Assistance company when I planned my very first surprise romantic vacation to rekindle the romance in a long-distance relationship. The skiing trip to Keystone Colorado was epic! And though that relationship didn’t survive, the skills I honed most certainly did and they have served me, my husband and my clients very well.
Romantic ski vacation couple skiing

Whether you want to reconnect with your partner or reawaken your senses, planning a surprise romantic vacation is an excellent way of enjoying travel experiences without distractions. A word of caution: Make sure you know your partner well because some people just don’t like surprises. But, if your sweetheart is the adventurous type, then you can’t go wrong with planning a surprise romantic escape. Here are some tips for keeping your plans stealth until the very last minute! 

Thoroughly Clear Your Calendars
If your trip is more than a couple of days, then you may need to coordinate with your significant other’s supervisor.  Explain that this is a surprise and that you’re reaching out to make sure  your surprise doesn’t inconvenience the company. Have the supervisor choose the best days to take time off. This is especially important, if your partner works irregular hours. 

Select the Destination Carefully

Whether it’s a relaxing cabana on a tropical island, a historic hotel, or journeying through the desert, choose somewhere that helps you both escape your daily routines. The goal is to leave your worries and responsibilities at home. 

Couple's kiss on surprise romantic vacation

Research Local Restaurants

If your lover loves food, your best bet is to research the best places to eat before embarking on your adventure. In fact, if your partner is a diehard foodie, you may want to take this into account when selecting the destination. If this is the case be sure to choose a destination that provides provocative and authentic opportunities for you both to indulge your senses in a new cuisine.
Plan Activities and Excursion in Advance
Your significant other might enjoy exploring with locals, taking in a comedy show, or live music. Whatever activities you choose, be sure to pre-plan them. And don’t forget to bake in some time to relax, connect and cuddle. One caveat to this tip: if your partner prefers leaving schedules wide open for independent exploration, make it so.
Couple surfing on vacation

Pack in Advance

The best way to make sure you do not forget anything is by creating a packing list. Consider both your list and your partners packing list. Craft a plan that ensures you don’t leave critical items behind. You can pack for your partner or you can get their suitcase ready and present the packing list at the last possible minute. It just depends on how stealth you want to be.

Determine the Best Time to Reveal

The reveal depends on whether the whole vacation is a surprise or just the destination is a surprise. If you can’t do all the packing and the destination is the surprise, then you may want to leave clues about where you’re going for the entire week leading up to your romantic getaway. Or you can present the packing list the day before the trip.

If you’re traveling internationally be sure to check visa requirements and make sure both passports are up to date with 6 months validity beyond your planned return date.

If the whole vacation is a surprise and you’ve packed both bags, then find a creative reason for the drive to the airport and reveal once you park the car.

The ability to keep  a secret, is another necessary skill  if you’re considering a surprise romantic vacation for you and your significant other. 

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, “I can barely spare the time to put in a vacation request at work for me and my significant other, let alone research destinations, activities, restaurants and come up with a packing list,” then, you need to give us a call.

Our romance travel specialists work to make romantic vacations relaxing, stress-free, and memorable.