Hotel Pricing Explained

Rates as shown in the chart are per person by length of stay. Find the room category you prefer.

Choose the row for adult occupancy of the room and the column for length of stay.

For single occupancy rooms (aka private rooms), the total rate of the room is as shown.

For double and triple occupancy rooms, the rates shown are per person.

The total room price can be found by multiplying the rates shown by the number of adult occupants.

Child rates are in addition to adult rates.

Children are not included in the adult room occupancy.

See sample chart below.

In the above pricing sample child rates apply for children 4-12 staying in a room with at least 2 paying adults.

So when selecting this junior suite garden view room with 2 adults and 1 child, the double occupancy rate would apply for both adults.

And the child rate would be added to determine the total.

Therefore, the total cost would be two times the double rate for adults plus one child rate.

If this group is staying for 3 nights, the pricing would be as follows:

$656.47 × 2 (2 adults) + $351.74 (1 child)  =  $1,664.68 (total cost)