Group Getaways: 5 Tips for Milestone Birthday Travel

You’re going to do it! 

Your birthday is coming up within the next year or so and you’ll be celebrating 30, 40, 50 or even 60 trips around the sun! 

So why not celebrate this milestone birthday with a trip to soak up the sun with friends and family.

Here’s what our consultants want you to know about group getaways.

OK, so sometimes getting friends and family on board and paid up can seem like herding cats. 

One goes this way and another goes that way. 

But, we’re here to help with 5 Tips for planning an awesome group getaway for your birthday.

Tip 1: Get a Good Travel Advisor

Having an experienced travel advisor manage the details and handle the payments can help you avoid the stress that sometimes comes with planning group vacations. Plus, a great travel advisor will have a plethora of birthday getaway ideas for you to consider, as well as experience on the ground in most of your potential destinations. Advisors also have a wide variety of travel information in their heads and on hand, saving you countless hours of online searching.

Tip 2: Start Planning Early

So, you’ve been saving up to do something amazing on your birthday. That’s perfect, and exactly the way to do it. But the same is not likely to be true for your friends and family. If you get your group getaway plan in place a year or so in advance, then you give friends and families an opportunity to put in for leave at work, and make arrangements to be away. And for those who may not have vacation savings, planning well in advance may allow them to pay incrementally. 

Tip 3: Consider an All-inclusive Resort

It’s important to explore a variety of birthday trip ideas to determine what’s best for you. For those who really want to eliminate most all sources of potential stress in order to relax and enjoy their getaway, an All-Inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean may be the perfect solution. At an all-inclusive resort there is nightly entertainment and every meal, and every drink is included in the room price. Just think, there’ll be no awkward conversations about dinner bill shortages or how much to tip.

Tip 4: Do What You Love

It’s best to choose your destination based on what you love to do. Are you itching to get down and dirty on an ATV ride through the jungle? Would you like to try zip lining for the first time ever? Do you enjoy historical or cultural tours? Whatever your passion, your travel consultant can recommend the destination and resort that most closely matches your interests.

Tip 5: Make One Day Extra Special

Sometimes when you’re on a vacation every day feels amazing because… ummm… well… you’re on vacation. This is as it should be. However, it’s important to choose one day out of your travels and make it really stand out. Even if your vacation dates don’t precisely coincide with your birthday just pick a day to celebrate with a group excursion, a group meal, a party or maybe even all of the above! And don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures to capture the amazing memories that you will inevitably make.

Group getaways with friends give you an opportunity to leave behind your routine distractions and spend quality time with people who mean a great deal to you. Contact your Enlighten Excursions Travel consultant for unique group getaway ideas and to get started planning your milestone birthday celebration today!