8 Destination Wedding Positive Impacts

There may not be very many couples googling this particular topic. But I am writing this from the heart and out of sincere hope and belief for all to consider. Destination weddings can have positive cultural and environmental impacts on both the chosen destination, and the destination wedding party. So, for the couples that are considering foreign lands for their wedding, we are sharing 8 destination wedding positive impacts on culture and environment.

Beach destination wedding set up using local flowers. This represents supporting the local economy which is one of the 8 Destination Wedding Positive Impacts

1. Supporting local economies

Destination weddings can provide a boost to the local economy of the destination. The wedding party will likely spend money on accommodation, food, transportation, and other activities like excursions, which can help support local businesses. This can be especially beneficial for destinations that rely heavily on tourism for their economic growth. 

You are even supporting the local economy when you choose to use local flowers in your ceremony and reception décor. Local flowers are often unique to the region and can add a special touch to your wedding décor. They can also help to create a cohesive look and feel for your wedding by incorporating the local landscape and culture. In addition, choosing local flowers is a more sustainable choice because they require less transportation and refrigeration, which reduces your carbon footprint.

2. Promoting cultural exchange

Destination weddings can promote cultural exchange by providing an opportunity for the wedding party to experience and learn about the local culture and traditions of the destination. For example, the couple and their guests may have the opportunity to try local cuisine, participate in cultural activities, or visit historical sites. By engaging with the local culture, the wedding party can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of different customs and ways of life.

3. Encouraging environmental conservation & sustainable practices

Some couples may choose a destination wedding location that is known for its natural beauty or environmental conservation efforts. By choosing such a location, the couple can help raise awareness and support for these efforts, and encourage others to visit and appreciate the destination’s natural resources. Additionally, some couples may opt for eco-friendly wedding practices, such as using biodegradable materials, choosing a low-impact venue, or supporting sustainable transportation options.

Some destination wedding locations like Mexico and Jamaica may prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. By choosing such a location, the couple can support these efforts and help promote sustainable practices in the travel and tourism industry. For example, the couple may choose a venue that uses renewable energy, sources local and organic ingredients, or implements waste reduction measures. They can also choose vendors and service providers who share their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism practices.

4. Reducing carbon footprint

Destination weddings can often reduce the carbon footprint of the wedding party by combining the wedding and honeymoon into one trip, rather than taking two separate trips. Additionally, a destination wedding travel advisor can help to group your guests’ arrival and departure transfers, which can further reduce the carbon footprint of the trip. 

Some couples may also choose to offset the carbon emissions of their wedding by supporting carbon offset programs or making donations to environmental organizations. You can also consider reducing waste by requesting that your resort use biodegradable or reusable materials or asking if they are able to donate any leftover food or decorations to local charities or organizations.

5. Supporting local customs and traditions

By choosing a destination wedding location, couples may be able to incorporate local customs and traditions into their wedding ceremony and celebration such as wearing traditional clothing of the area. This can provide a unique and authentic experience for the couple and their guests, while also showing respect and appreciation for the local culture. Or the couple may incorporate local music or dance into their wedding ceremony, or serve traditional local dishes at the reception. Any one of these gestures can help support and promote the local culture and traditions of the destination.

6. Creating employment opportunities

Server delivering drinks on a caribbean beach

Destination weddings can create employment opportunities for local residents, especially in the hospitality and tourism industries. This can help to support the local economy and improve the quality of life for residents. By choosing a local vendor or service provider, the couple can directly contribute to the livelihoods of the local community.

And as an added bonus here are a couple more ways that destination wedding positive impacts. In fact these next two examples focus on the direct impact on you and your wedding guests.

7. Strengthening relationships

Destination weddings can provide an opportunity for the wedding party and their guests to spend quality time together and strengthen relationships. This can be especially meaningful for couples who have friends and family living in different parts of the world. The wedding can serve as a reunion and celebration of the couple’s love, while also providing a chance for guests to connect with each other and create new friendships.

8. Fostering long-lasting memories

Destination weddings can create unforgettable memories for the wedding party and their guests. By choosing a unique location, the couple can provide a special experience for their loved ones, and create long-lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come. The wedding can serve as an opportunity for the couple and their guests to travel and explore a new destination together, creating a shared experience that they will never forget.

This article discusses only 8 destination wedding positive impacts on culture & environment. But there are certainly many more. 

In fact, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the leading international organization in the field of tourism. And they emphasize the positive impact of sustainable tourism, including destination weddings, on culture and the environment. Their website provides valuable insights into sustainable tourism practices and their benefits.


Destination Weddings can be a positive force for cultural exchange, environmental conservation, and economic development, and can provide a unique and memorable experience for the couple and their loved ones. 

By being mindful of their impact on the local community and environment and by making conscious choices, couples can help create a sustainable and responsible wedding celebration that reflects their values and priorities.