Although the city has a reputation for its changeable weather, March is an excellent time to explore the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. In March, the scorching Australian summer fades into the background giving way to beautifully mild evenings, perfect for strolling along the South bank of the Yarra River. 

While Victoria is Australia’s smallest continental state, its capital Melbourne, is big on everything.

​Travel to this sprawling cosmopolitan city offers jamming festivals, vibrant bars, and cool boutiques, as well as culture, art, food, wine, and stunning wildlife.

​And let’s not forget that Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia and offers numerous sports events options for all sports lovers.

Be sure to take a drive along the Great Ocean Road. 

Melbourne: Great Ocean Road

This scenic drive is graced with breathtaking limestone rock formations like the Twelve Apostles, emerging from the deep blue-green coastal waters; pristine golden sand beaches; and charming fishing villages.​

Wildlife enthusiasts will want to visit Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade one evening to watch as hundreds of fairy penguins return to their sand dune burrows after a long day at sea.  

​Another highlight near Melbourne is Yarra Valley wine tasting. On a scenic drive of Yarra Valley you will find more than 70 wineries and an awe-inspiring choice of fine food. 

Melbourne is Yarra Valley wine tasting

But I would be remiss if I didn’t implore you to find a festival. Whether you attend the Ventana Street Fiesta, the Port Phillip Mussel Festival, the Moomba Festival, the Inverloch Jazz Festival, the Begonia Festival or Motorfest, for an authentic experience you need to celebrate with the locals!

Whatever your interest, Melbourne is so easy to explore, you will find plenty of activities to delight your tastes, from the Golden Mile to the Yarra River and beyond.  You should definitely add #Melbourne to your #MustExploreList.